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  1. Cathy K
    Cathy K March 12, 2015 at 5:47 pm | | Reply

    I really liked the movie and understand what you are saying. I had read the book first, and it is filled with a lot of back-story detail that wasn’t able to be chronicled in the movie. Alice forged her own support system of others with early stage dementia who did a lot of things in the community together until they weren’t able to anymore. That part was left out and was too bad. The book (which the movie is pretty true to) was all about Alice, and things from her perspective, so the other characters were more separate. They did go into more detail in the book on things family members were experiencing.

    The biggest piece for me was how positive the movie was. It showed a family with some rifts and warts like any family has, and how they came together during Alice’s illness. They asked her wonderful questions and connected to her on a heart to heart level. It did NOT show the “typical” image people may think about, of being deserted and put away someplace, which caregivers fear doing the most. I thought the depiction of them living and adapting to the changes and forming deeper bonds was touching and depicted hope. They went from a very cerebral family preoccupied with intellectual things and values to a family living in the present moment appreciating the time they had together. When Alice shifted away from her intellectual prowess she was able to get things about others more deeply too. I would highly recommend the book, it will put the movie into perspective. I am very thankful she won the Oscar because now people who wouldn’t have gone are seeing the movie. Its a wonderful start to changing minds in the community! Yes we need more!

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