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83.15 Department-approved assisted living administrator’s training course.

As you know, one of the ways that a person can become an approved CBRF administrator is to successfully complete a Department-approved assisted living administrator’s training course. An assisted living administrator’s training course must consist of a minimum of 60 classroom hours of training in the following six core competency areas. All required hours of training must be conducted in the physical presence of the approved trainer. The training curriculum must include the topics specified in each of the six core areas.

WALA has the only Department Approved Curriculum and offers this course twice a year.

83.20 Department Approved Training

Effective April 1, 2009, Chapter DHS 83, Wisconsin Administrative Code for Community-Based Residential Facilities (CBRFs) was revised.  Among the changes are new requirements for both instructors and students of the four department-approved face-to-face training topics, outlined in DHS 83.20:

  • Fire Safety
  • First Aid & Choking
  • Medication Administration
  • Standard Precautions

Effective April 1, 2010 changes include:

  • Individual instructors, not programs, must be approved to train each of the four topics, based on criteria set forth by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS).  (Instructors)
  • A public access registry of approved instructors is available to providers, survey staff and other interested parties.  This registry is the sole source for verification of instructor approval. (Instructor Registry)
  • A public access registry of CBRF staff who have successfully completed any or all of the four required courses is available to providers, survey staff and other interested parties.  This registry is the sole verification of classes completed on or after April 1, 2010.  (Employee Registry)
  • Curriculum for all four topics has been standardized and must be taught beginning April 1, 2010.

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BAL has issued answers to many Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Since these answers have been reviewed by DHS legal counsel, they are “gospel”. Please review them carefully as there is a lot of clarification on many issues of concern. We are specifically gratified that BAL is allowing caregivers to receive gifts of “nominal value.” View BAL’s FAQs here.

Medication Management Initiative
This is a treasure trove of meds related information from BAL including documentation, PRN meds, medication errors, psychotropic, self administration and much, much more. Go to the Medication Management Initiative here.

CBRF Pharmacy FAQs
Consultant Pharmacist Doug Engelbert has also published pharmacy related FAQs for CBRFs. While not all related to the rewrite, they give you a good look into many reoccurring issues. View the CBRF Pharmacy FAQs here.

DQA Pharmacy Q & A for Assisted Living
Another resource in Q & A formats for all AL regulatory categories. View DQA Pharmacy Q & A for Assisted Living here.

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