Middle College is Looking for Hosts for Summer Interns!

Middle College is reaching out to WALA in regards to the Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin’s summer internship program for their Middle College students.  They would like to align the students with potential employers over the next month to see if your organization would be interested in hosting a student intern(s) for the summer.  They are looking to place 19 students in the South Central region in health care related facilities.  Preparing our future workforce with hands on experiences is invaluable!

About Middle College
The Middle College Program is designed to advance the educational level of young adults by combining high school academics necessary for high school graduation while concurrently taking college courses that align with the student’s career pathway of interest.  They have students in Madison, Mount Horeb, Reedsburg, Cottage Grove, Sun Prairie, Mcfarland and Deforest.

About the Internships  

There is not cost to the employer!  The Workforce Development Board will fund internships up to 9 weeks starting in mid-June 2013 for a maximum of 30 hours per week. The Board will serve as the employer of record; we will handle the payroll, workers compensation insurance, and all payroll related costs. Students are paid $7.25 per hour. The Board provides staff that work with the work site supervisor to troubleshoot any problems that may arise and provide support to the work site supervisor and student during the internship. All interns are expected to interview with their potential host site. They do not expect any organization/company to host an intern that will not be a good fit.


About the Students
The students they would like to place are currently participating in the health care cohort.  This semester they are enrolled in:  Reading/Writing Workshop, College Success, Careers in Health and Body Structure & Function.  The students range from age 16-18 and have expressed interest in the following areas of health care…

Ultrasound Tech, Medical Assistant, OBGYN, CNA/Nursing, Phlebotomy, Optical, Pediatrics, Dental

The Board understands that students may not be able to work directly with patients and equipment but if there are areas within the organization that would be a good fit – it would be good exposure to a health care setting.  Maybe they can assist with office intake, cleaning of equipment, activities, etc.  If you can talk to those within your various departments to see if they have a need, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions or would like additional information please contact:
Erin Bechen | Operations Director

Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin
3513 Anderson Street | Suite 104 | Madison, WI 53704
608/249-9001 | ebechen@wdbscw.org |  www.wdbscw.org

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