Joining WALA’s Diamond Program! “Epic”!


Written By Dennis Yadon, Diamond Coordinator –

I confess: One reason I chose this picture is because “epic” seems to be one of my 11 year-old daughter’s favorite words these days. Since “epic” is usually said in response to something she thinks is “cool” or “awesome” or (insert your own generationally-appropriate term here), it got me thinking about how it related to the Diamond Program. As you know, WALA officially launched the Diamond Program at our Spring Conference. One of our conference volunteers sat in on an information session about the program. When she found out what communities would be getting as members versus how little they would be paying, she emphatically said, “Why WOULDN’T they sign up?”

Here’s a reminder of what the Diamond Program offers and why it’s going to be “EPIC”:

  • The opportunity to improve your community in terms of resident care, resident/family satisfaction, staff retention, or any other area(s) of YOUR choosing
  • Access to an extremely approachable, organized system for implementing improvements and a way of knowing that they are, in fact, working
  • Consumer and state agency recognition of your dedication to quality
  • Access to education, peer partnering, and other resources, including access to a WALA staff person dedicated to helping Wisconsin assisted living communities navigate the process of quality improvement
  • A 10 percent discount for all WALA educational events (including courses and conferences) and all WALA products (including our new Standards of Practice)
  • The opportunity to lock in the amount of your initial membership fee for the next three years!

Should you apply? If none of these things appeal to you, perhaps a membership in the Diamond Program is not for you. If however, even one of those sounds enticing…well, in the words of my daughter (and our friend above, the cheese fan): “EPIC”!  Submit your application materials today!

If you have questions about this program, please do not hesitate to contact Dennis Yadon, Diamond Program Coordinator, at: or (608) 663-9901.


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