Helpful Links about Family Care from DHS

The Department of Health Services website on Family Care is full of useful information for you on Family Care and related topics. These sites are updated on a regular basis and we encourage you to bookmark this page and visit often if you have questions.

Family Care Information for Stakeholders

  • Family Care for Long-term Care Service Providers – Responses to Questions from Providers.
  • Questions about Family Care for People with Developmental Disabilities – Responses to Questions from Consumers, Guardians and Families

General Information on Long Term Care Reform and Expansion

  • What is the Managed Long-Term Care Expansion Initiative?
  • Fact Sheet: Expanding Family Care Statewide
  • Why Expand Family Care?
  • Anticipated Implementation of Family Care, by county, in 2009-2011
  • Maps of ADRC’s and Family Care Expansion
  • Publications
  • Presentations

Being a Full Partner

  • Contains important information for Family care and Family Care Partnership members or for anyone who is trying to decide whether to enroll in managed long-term care.

Managed Long-Term Care Expansion Website

Related DHS Long Term Care Programs and Other Websites

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