Hazard Vulnerability Analysis Workshop Opportunities for Long Term Care Facilities

Performing a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) is a recognized necessary first step toward building a meaningful site-specific emergency plan.  Long Term Care Facilities of all sizes can and should conduct an HVA to help them focus on the most urgent and real world hazards that their facility may be exposed to.

The second step is to write an Emergency Response Plan for your facility – one that addresses at least the most probable hazard scenarios.  Planning for every possible emergency event is almost impossible; however, even with limited resources, a facility can build an emergency plan that is focused on those hazard situations that have the highest probability, have the greatest potential impact or that have the least planning effort applied.

An HVA is a tool that will help identify the relative risk of any number of natural and man-made hazards for any facility in any given community environment.

With input from an Expert Panel made up of Long Term Care Facility representatives; the Wisconsin Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program will offer three identical HVA Workshop opportunities in April 2013.  There is no cost associated with these workshops other than your cost for travel and time.

The dates and general locations are:
April 23, 2013 – La Crosse area
April 25, 2013 – Milwaukee area
April 26, 2013 – Madison area

Registration will be administered using the online system TRAIN. http://tinyurl.com/HVAAssessment

The general agenda topics will be:
*       NIMS & ICS Review
*       Learn the HVA Tool sections and header definitions
*       Learn how the HVA Tool is used and applied
*       Identify who (LTCF partners) should be invited to provide input into a facilities’ HVA
*       ACTIVITY:  Perform an analysis of one natural hazard scenario and one man-made hazard scenario.
*       Lunch

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