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Rewrite of DHS 83 – More information and helpful links

83.15 Department-approved assisted living administrator’s training course. As you know, one of the ways that a person can become an approved CBRF administrator is to successfully complete a Department-approved assisted living administrator’s training course. An assisted living administrator’s training course must consist of a minimum of 60 classroom hours of training in the following six […]

Helpful Links about Family Care from DHS

The Department of Health Services website on Family Care is full of useful information for you on Family Care and related topics. These sites are updated on a regular basis and we encourage you to bookmark this page and visit often if you have questions. Family Care Information for Stakeholders Family Care for Long-term Care […]

WALA document provides clarity on Family Care policies and operations

WALA encourages all providers to understand the policies & operations of the expansion of Family Care in Wisconsin. To that end, this page on the WALA Website is dedicated to helping you learn more. As the movement toward Managed Care evolves, WALA plays an active role in gathering and disseminating information to and from MCOs […]