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  1. Robin Owens, R.N.
    Robin Owens, R.N. January 21, 2016 at 4:26 pm | | Reply

    At this time I ‘m running a group home called Rapha House 1. It has been since 2013 that the initial process of opening the home began. The home was started by myself, my husband and a nephew. After, finally getting everything in place for the wheel chair assisted facility it was licensed and open for business. The first client arrived in July of 2014. My nephew decides he doesn’t want to be a caregiver within 1 week of the clients arrival. Which, left me at odds because now I’m ultimately responsible for this individual. My husband and I continued to care for this individual and to run the group home. We received the second client in September 2014. And my nephew takes us to court for monetary gain. Mind you he left on his own accord, put no monies into the business. and didn’t want to work as a caregiver. My husband and I went an attorney long story short obtained a dissolution for the business removing my nephew from everything regarding the business. We reapplied for license after everything was settled in court. New application and paperwork sent in November 1,2015. Letter received from state that it would take up to 70 days for a surveyor to come out to assess the group home for licensing. I have notified everyone in regards to business name change and group home name. Yet to this date we are still waiting on the surveyor.

    P.S. New group home name will be Fresh Start AFH. Lesson learned don’t open a business with outside family members.

  2. Doris Jackson
    Doris Jackson March 16, 2016 at 9:21 pm | | Reply

    Just wanted to reach out. Hopefully, they finally came out to license you. And hope things worked themselves out. Question : How long after you submitted the application did you receive your letter?

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